Books by Sophie L. Osborne

Reclamation Book One:

When Laurie-Marie bought Chateau de Laborteaux, in Louisiana, she got more than she bargained for.

What turned out to be an innocent fascination with her dream home, sucks her into a whirlwind of troubles. Now, she must fight to save her job and marriage as her life and sanity unravel before her very eyes.

There’s another twist to her mounting problems. Ever since she bought the mysterious house; she sees ghosts, hears creepy voices, and has premonitions – but, she isn’t the only one.

As Laurie seeks answers and tries to piece together the bizarre and terrifying happenings, no one in her inner circle believes her story, and dubs her; mentally ill, and a prima donna. 

Can she defy these, unjust labels? Will she get to the root of her ailment in time to save her career and love life?

As this native bayou girl toughs it out, will she succumb to the demons that haunt her chateau while others look on dubiously, as she falls prey to unknown forces?

Reclamation Book Two:

Laurie gets a business proposal of a lifetime from an unlikely partner, and meets who appears to be, the man of her dreams.

But just when she seems to gain control of her life once more, she experiences a mortifying encounter with an unknown entity; this time, it isn’t in her head, and it shows every intention of destroying her.

 As supernatural forces converge, her worst nightmares come to pass when she is confronted with the same problems, all over again. Laurie fears losing what she has built and relentlessly seeks answers to her predicament.

When she signals her distress, will her newfound romantic interest believe her story, or will he flee, just as Matt and the others did?

Reclamation Book Three:

Mistrust, Mayhem, And Scandal Rocks Chestnut Field.

Laurie is distraught when she makes a startling discovery about her long-lost friend, her beloved chateau, and when she learns of the sobering truth about, Avery Gallagher.


She meets Avery’s brother, Jessie Vladimir and suspects  there is more to him than he reveals. Justin, on the other hand, remains a mystery and Laurie has yet to meet him. As Laurie continues on her ghost-hunting quest, unbeknownst to her, potent forces close in on her identity, and are determined to uncover her origins.

St. Thomas Manor House: Tylo

Tylo DuBois, real estate heiress returns to St. Thomas after six years of studies at Oxford University in England, and anticipates her long-awaited independence.

But less than three weeks into her stay, she uncovers shocking secrets that leaves her questioning her family’s loyalty. There’s something else that’s wearing on her mind; she has unfinished business with Ken Ibrahimovic, a forbidden conquest and grandson of real estate mogul, Keith Ibrahimovic – nemesis to her family, the DuBois.
Things take an unexpected twist when Tylo learns about someone who threatens to jeopardize the possibility of her and Ken being together. She is devastated when she realizes the person dearest to her is the one standing in the way of what her heart truly desires.

Will Tylo and Ken overcome the scathing scandal that promises to keep them apart, and muster the strength to stand by each other? Or will they put family first, just like generations before them did?

St. Thomas Manor House: Ken

For the Ibrahimovićs, family and loyalty are what they do best.

But when Ken, the youngest heir to Ibrahimović Luxury Realty becomes an instant billionaire after selling the rights to a highly popular video game – he leaves his family, speechless.

He is now reinvigorated to pursue his forbidden love interest, the woman he was forced to split with because of an ongoing generational family rift; Tylo DuBois. There’s no way his parents could deny him what he truly wants, now that he’s a self-made man – or is there?

As reality sets in, Ken soon realizes his newfound wealth is just the beginning of his troubles, as he struggles with broken relationships, severed ties, and blackmail from those closest to him.

Who can he trust? Can he escape from the trenches that his staggering wealth has created for him? Will he dare salvage his relationship with Tylo, or will she remain a sweet, distant memory of the past?


St. Thomas Manor House: Christoff


His wit, charm, and intelligence has earned him a place in one of the most influential circles in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Christoff van Basten, is the son of a prominent politician and a well-respected doctor on the island of St. Thomas. With the sway of his parents and innate confidence, he creates a reputation of trustworthiness, and quickly gains the friendship of, Ken Ibrahimovic which has endured many years until his departure for America after graduating high school.

When Christoff returns home, a proud Army Officer and medical student, after a short visit, he falls for an unlikely woman and is caught off guard by his magnetic attraction to her. In turn, his accomplishments are impressive, and leaves her wonderstruck.

But trouble ensues when the one thing these besties have in common wages war between them. Can their friendship stand the test of time as they both hold steadfast for what they want?

St. Thomas Manor House: Kendra

Real estate heiress and prima-donna, Kendra Ibrahimović always gets what she wants.
She sets her sights on the Miss Universe beauty pageant, and is confident she’s going to sweep away the crown from the other contestants, and pursues the title with a vengeance. But there’s about to be a shake-up…

Tylo DuBois; affluent, Oxford educated entrepreneur is back in town. This time she has Kendra’s brother Ken, willing to please her at the drop of a hat, and after some convincing from her mother, and much to Kendra’s terror, Tylo announces her intent to compete in the beauty pageant.

Can Kendra handle the shock and pressure of competing against Tylo? Or, will she stoop to unthinkable levels to get rid of the woman who’s about to take everything from her, shattering her biggest childhood dream?

The Du Bois: Family Ties

Real estate mogul, Mr. Tashnid DuBois Sr. wants to retire, but is driven by an insatiable need to acquire land and build more properties.

Mrs. Patricia DuBois is sharp witted, and a pillar of support to her children and husband; she often sees the need to keep the latter in check. After forty-five years of marriage, six children, and two grandchildren, they find themselves at odds more than ever.

Dr. Patrick DuBois, a well-regarded psychiatrist and their eldest child, struggles to cope after tragically losing his wife and newborn son. He moves back in with his parents a year after his loss and is haunted by something he finds in their attic.

Taylore-Anne DuBois, the last of six children, is stunning, smart, and unapologetically spoiled. When she graduates from university, a grand party that reunites the entire DuBois clan and a few close friends, is held on her behalf.

But trouble ensues when their second son, U.S. Army, Major General, Tayyip DuBois hires an assistant who innocently sets off a firestorm in his marriage and shakes up the entire dynamics of the family. As things take a drastic and unwelcome turn – no one suspects that their long-awaited family reunion would end up being a tragic farewell instead.

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Sophie L. Osborne