When U.S. Coast Guard officer, Lieutenant Commander, Laurie-Marie Gallagher bought Chateau de Laborteaux in Louisiana, she got more than she bargained for.


What turned out to be an innocent fascination with her dream home, sucks her into a whirlwind of troubles. Now, she must fight to save her job and marriage as her life and sanity unravel before her very eyes.


There’s another twist to her mounting problems. Ever since she bought the mysterious house her encounters with supernatural beings and hearing unrelenting voices have become a part of her everyday life– but, she isn’t the only one.


As Laurie seeks answers and tries to piece together the bizarre and terrifying happenings, no one in her inner circle believes her story, and thinks she has gone mad because of underlying mental heath issues.


As this native bayou girl toughs it out, can she prove them wrong? Will she get to the crux of her nightmare in time to save everything she has worked so hard for?



Reclamation: Book One (Ceiba Pentandra Series)

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