Meet The DuBois…


Self-made, real estate mogul, Mr. Tashnid DuBois wants to retire, but is driven by an insatiable need to acquire land and build more properties.


Mrs. Patricia DuBois is sharp witted, and a pillar of support to her children and husband; she often sees the need to keep the latter in check. After forty-five years of marriage, six children, and two grandchildren, they find themselves at odds more than ever.


Patrick, a well-regarded psychiatrist and their eldest child struggles to cope after tragically losing his wife and newborn son. He moves back in with his parents a year after his loss and is haunted by something he finds in their attic.


Anne, the last of six children is stunning, smart, and unapologetically spoiled. When she graduates from university a grand party that reunites the entire DuBois clan and a few close friends is held on her behalf.


But trouble ensues when their second son Tayyip, a U.S. Army Major General, hires an assistant who innocently sets off a firestorm that further strains his faltering marriage.


As astounding secrets from the past slowly emerge, things take a drastic and unwelcome turn – no one suspects that their long-awaited family reunion would end up being a tragic farewell instead.


When forgiveness is at stake, can this close-knit family survive, looking past generations of deception?


The DuBois - Family Ties (A Family Saga)

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