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A Sneak-Peek Into My Most Recent Work

The deadline is fast approaching for the release of “Reclamation” books, 2 and 3 in the Ceiba Pentandra Series. When, “Reclamation” was completed and I received the final formatted file from the master formatter, I was terrified.

I know, you all are probably thinking, really? Terrified? Why not relieved, happy – proud? Well, I have to be honest, I felt all of those emotions, but it was terrifying just thinking about releasing this piece of work that I’ve been holding on to, meticulously crafting for years. Although I had other projects in the works, none required as much attention to detail and research as, “Reclamation”.

As the countdown begins, I’m nervous to find out where the story takes me. Of course, I have an idea of where I want the story to go, but it’s the magic of taking to the keyboard and following the lead of the characters, not knowing where they will take me, the writer. This may sound strange, but as a pantser (I’m sure other pantsers can relate!) I let the characters lead me. When I get to the end of a chapter, I pause for a moment to re-read what’s on the screen. Often, I chop away paragraphs and then when it’s near to my liking, I move on to create the next exciting chapter.

So, after taking a hiatus from my wonderful characters, I felt a need to reconnect with them, simply to get re-acquainted with what’s driving each of them. I know, it sounds bizarre, but, that’s the world of writing fiction.

The DuBois is almost completed; I’m so excited about this particular series. This family saga delves deeply into some very personal family issues such as loss, mental health issues, infidelity, and ethnic inequality – there's never a dull moment in, “Family Ties”!

Lastly, I started the first book in my self-help series, “My Two Cents”. Judging from the title, you all can probably tell that this series offer advice on various topics to those who are seeking it. Embarking on this project was very refreshing. I did months of research before I began writing the first draft, and I have to say, I was humbled and learned a lot from the information I’ve stumbled upon.

In summary, it’s been a busy spring and summer thus far creating great content for you! I’m so glad that you found my corner! I’ll be posting blogs on various writing topics on Mondays – so every Monday, expect a new topic for discussion! Until next time, keep reading and for my fellow writers – keep writing!



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Sophie L. Osborne