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Welcome To My Corner Of The Web Folks!!


I’m so glad you stopped by to check out the awesome things I have to share with you. If you’re an aspiring author, a first-time self-published author, or if you just like reading my blogs I have so much information and tips that you’ll be able to use every step of the way, not only in your writing, but in every day life as well, as each influences the other.

Firstly, let me re-introduce myself! Yes, you know me as the author, Sophie L. Osborne, which is a penname! My works of fiction is written under this name. My given name is, Leiba Osborne (Faircloth). I write articles on this website, using the name, Lei, an abbreviation for Leiba, so don’t be alarmed, when you see the name, Lei appear at the end of each article – it’s the same person – me!

Okay, so now that we've cleared up the name thing, I want to briefly talk about what influenced me to create a website, and share my knowledge via blogs, podcasts, and even my inspirational vlogs! Yes, inspirational vlogs – it’s like motivational speaking, but, via vlogs! I believe we all can learn from and inspire each other to do and be our very best with our personal stories and experiences.

When I first embarked on my writing journey, I had no idea it would lead me down the road to discovering self-publishing and publishing my first book. Putting the book together was a lot of hard work, and I didn’t complete it until five years after the draft was written. So, that gives you a rough idea of how much work it takes to get your first book out there. Of course, it can be shorter, or longer and this all depends on how much time you devote to your work and if you're going it alone, or with a team.

In my blogs, I'll share with you what I wish I knew before I began my career as a self- published author.

Folks, there’s so much I have to share, but, I’ll try to keep it brief! I want to let you know what you can expect from my blogs, and soon to come, vlogs and podcasts. Sure, there are so many writing blogs to choose from, why follow me right?

Well, here are a few reasons why – I can help you make your experience as a self-published author a more exciting, engaging, and informative process where you’ll learn how to write using your senses – yes, your senses! This may sound crazy but stick around with me and I promise, it won’t sound so crazy, it’s actually quite simple and fun!

My blogs will guide you with how to begin writing your manuscript from beginning to end, covering everything from cover to cover. I believe in keeping things simple, so, if I suggest a particular company to help with formatting, editing, or book cover design, my list will be short, and comprise of only the best in the industry.

I will not beat a dead horse by going over grammar rules - there are many, many resources that cover grammar; this stuff is for your editor – this is also a service I offer and will be glad to address if you’d like to get your work looked at closely. Just e-mail me!

You can be the accomplished writer you aspire to be; everything is possible, you only have to dream and believe that it can happen for you!